Don't let that
other school win!

November 13-23, 2013

To honor college football's most played rivalry, the Giving Challenge is back for its fourth year - and this year it's bigger and better!

The Challenge pits us against our greatest rival in a competition to see who can rally the most donors for their alma mater. Bragging rights go to the school with the greatest number of alumni, students, and friends who make an annual gift of any size leading up to and during the football game. Plus, your participation and generosity help ensure the strength and reputation of your school!

Remember: the competition hinges on the number of participating donors, not the size of the gift, so your contribution matters!


*First update will be on November 14th, and will be updated in 24 hour increments.

All time Standings

Year Lafayette Lehigh
2010 740 WINNER 726
2011 2074 2529 WINNER
2012 2592 2748 WINNER
2013 3740 WINNER 2744



last updated Saturday 11/23 at 2:31 PM

Group Lafayette Lehigh
Text Gifts 198 490
Alumni 1322 1422
Students 1088 99
Parents 1038 525
Friends 94 208
Total 3740 2744

Make sure your school triumphs!

or call 866-517-1552


to 20222
Nov. 13 through the 3rd quarter

or call 610-330-5034


to 20222
Nov. 13 through the 3rd quarter

Remember: The competition hinges on number of participating donors – not the size of the gift! Every contribution counts.

Can't make it back for The Game?

Why not join a local group of alumni to watch it together?

Lehigh telecast parties | Lafayette telecast parties


The Rules

How we count

Because of the size difference between the schools, a 2:1 Lehigh-to-Lafayette ratio will be used to calculate gifts.

  • Gifts of any amount, to any designation count.
  • New Gifts from any source count - undergrad alumni, grad alumni, students, parents, and friends!
  • Text your gift before the start of the third quarter on November 23.
  • Alum-to-alum married couples will count as two points if made online or cash/check.
  • Individuals may make multiple gifts via text, each one counting as points.
  • Online gifts only count once, however you can text multiple times for multiple points.
  • Online gifts may be directed toward any designation. Lehigh gifts received via text will be split between the annual fund and athletics programs. Lafayette gifts received via text will be given to support athletics programs.

For all questions, please contact Adam Selmasska, Lehigh University, at (610) 758-5442 or Tommaso Marsella, Lafayette College, at (610) 330-5573.

Regarding mobile gifts:

A one-time donation of $10.00 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of Lehigh University or Lafayette College by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at Messaging & Data Rates May Apply. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying STOP to short code 20222, Reply HELP to 20222 for help.







About The Challenge

The Challenge was created through the cooperation of Lafayette and Lehigh young alumni leadership as a way to encourage giving to the annual fund and draw attention to the importance of alumni giving. Annual giving to your alma mater provides valuable resources for your school and increases participation rates, which influence national rankings and reputation.

For more information on the value of participation to Lafayette College, visit

For more information on the value of participation to Lehigh University, visit

Honor Roll

Not all text donors may be listed due to unconfirmed/incomplete information. We're doing our best!

Lafayette   Lehigh
Katrina Abad
Lisa Abdill 1987
Cara Abecunas
Oliver Abel
Robin Abel 1978
Margaret Abelkop
Joel Abrams 1953
Bonnie Adelkopf 1987
Robin Adelstein
Amy Ahart 1997
Diane Ahl
Loren Alexis 1982
Joseph Alfieri 1949
Tawfiq Alhamedi
Andrew Alikhani
Steve Allaico
Keri Allan 2002
Kenya Allen 2002
Jeannine Anckaitis 1993
R. Anckaitis 1995
David Anders 1983
Corinna Anderson
David Anderson
Jane Anderson
Tamzin Anderson
Lisa Anderson Abdill 1987
Jillian Andres
Miranda Andretti
Mary Andrews
Paul Andrews
Alison Andrus 1995
Douglas Antisell 1976
Joyce Antisell 1976
Chukwuka Anyafo
Cassie Apgar
Christopher Aresco
Katelyn Arnold
Linda Arra 1974
Greer Arthur 1956
Anna-Lisa Ashman
Luzmila Asqui Cachicatari
Edward Auble 1961
Jay Axelrod
Margaret Axelrod 1974
Amelia Ayers
Douglas Azzalina 1985


Corinne Abate '91
Margot Abcarian '03
Lloyd Abrahams '59
Mark Adams '76
Matthew Adams '13
Robert Adikes '73
David Adinaro '88
James Aiello '73
Kent Aitchison '90
Victoria Aitchison '92
Despina Albulescu '12P
Emily Albulescu '12
Horia Albulescu '80
Bertram Allen '72
J. Theodore Anagnoson '65
Asli Anda '17P
Elif Anda '17
Arthur Anderman '56
Carole Anderman
Margery Andersen '84
Bruce Anderson '74
Evelyn Anderson
Helen Anderson '03P
James Anderson
Nick Anderson '10
Philip Anderson '09
Richard Anderson '03P
Thomas Anderson '77
Julie Anderson Rakestraw '85
Ryan Andrade '17
Geoffrey Andrews '16
Jennifer Angelo '15
HHHH Anonymous
V Anonymous
XXXX Anonymous
Dennis Appello '14
Jean Archambault '72
Katherine Arscott '04
Candace Ashton
David Ashton '77
Bradley Askins
Christine Atherholt '14P
John Atherholt '14P
Mairin Augustine '09
Caryn Aulenbach '97
Julia Auletta '85
Charles Bachus 1971
James Baclawski 2008
Frank Bailey 1951
Simran Bains
Scott Baker
Victoria Baker 2010
W. Baker 1970
Harriet Bakken
Jon Bakken
Joseph Barkauskas 1972
Jennifer Barnes
Jonathan Barnes 1968
Ann Barnett 1974
Andrew Barnousky 2010
Rachel Barron
Kelly Barrows 2006
Doreen Barry
Mark Barry
TarynAnn Barry 2009
Matthew Bartlett 1997
Ainhoa Barturen 2009
Richard Baskwill
Richard Baskwill 1960
Nirupa Basnet
William Bates 1971
Cynthia Baumann 2014
Cynthia Baumann
R. Baumgardner 1961
Michael Baumwoll 2009
Katherine Beard 1982
Kimberly Beasley
Tony Beasley
Jeffrey Beavan 2009
John Becica 1969
Robert Becker 1951
Andrew Behler 1981
Maria Beitel 1984
Preston Bejabeng
Candace Bel Air 1972
Richard Beltram 1973
Stephanie Bendush
Zachary Benedetto
Francis Benginia
Stephanie Benko
Stephen Benko
Sue Benko
Christopher Bennett
Emily Bennett
Jeffrey Bennett 1988
Kathleen Bennett
Peter Bennett
Max Bergelson
Charles Berger 1965
Nils Berglund 1973
Steven Berkowitz 2004
John Berky 1969
Janet Bernhard 1982
Lauren Berry
Richard Berry 1954
Alexandra Beyer
Polly Beyer
Scott Beyer 1981
Stephen Bezer
Henry Bilhuber 1951
Iris Bing
Sanford Bing 1960
James Bingham 1975
Victoria Binz
Karen Black 1985
Paul Black
Theodore Blackburn 2002
Ronald Blass 1973
Stephen Blecher 1960
Linda Bloch
David Block 1993
Janine Block 1994
Courtney Blocker
Nathan Blum
Peter Blumenthal 1972
Robert Blunt
Amy Blythe
Donald Boardman 1961
Jarrel Bobb
Jeffrey Bodine 1988
Edward Boehmer
Kelly Boehmer
Jennifer Bognar
Cindy Bohlander
Thomas Bohlander
William Bohrod 1979
Cale Bollman
Jamila Bookwala
J. Booth 1960
Mary Borkovitz
William Borkovitz
Joe Borland 2006
Joseph Borland 2006
Bradford Bormann
Holly Bormann
Natalie Bosserman 2004
Christopher Bouquet
Jennifer Box Knight 1995
James Boyd 1991
Carol Boyle
Julia Brackup
Susan Bradlau
Scott Bradley
Geoffrey Bramhall 1969
Cortney Brand 1993
Mary Brand
Mira Brand 1992
Elizabeth Brandhorst 1985
Allen Brands 1956
Mark Brault 2003
Alyssa Braver
J. Bredahl
Kimberly Bredahl
Connie Brennan
Paul Brennan
Emma Brenner
Theresa Breslin 1979
Ryan Bressner
Gina Brewer 2007
Pamela Brewer
Beth Brier 1983
Henry Brinton
Samuel Brinton
Chisato Brittain 1999
Michael Brittain 1998
Brittany Broderick
Tessa Broholm
Catherine Brooks 1991
Michael Brooks 1992
Benjamin Brown
Frederick Brown 1989
Paul Brown 1977
Peter Brown
Taylor Brown
Victoria L. Brown
Denise Brownlee 1982
Steven Brownlee 1981
Alexandra Bruder 1997
Thomas Bruggink
Edward Brunswick 1958
Pauline Buckingham Sohn
Samantha Buczek
Elise Buffinton
Ha My Bui
Tung Bui 2011
Rose Marie Bukics
Andrew Burdick 1993
Trista Burke 2007
Steven Bush 1981
Cheryl Butler 1986
Jeffrey Butterworth 1999
Robert Buzzell 1980
Jennifer Byington 1981
Robert Byington 1978
Dennis Byrne 1972
Mark Byrnes 1983


Francis Bailey '52
Karen Bailey '13P
Thomas Bailey '81
James Baker
Marcy Baker '92
Ralph Baker '17
Adam Balderas '14
Brian Balderston '08
Robin Balding '70
Susan Balding
Colleen Balkan '92
Bert Ball '76
David Ball '89
Sarah Ballan '14
Alexander Balog '14
Yonia Bandy '16P
Kelsey Barba '14
Kenneth Bareford '67
Joshua Barnes '14
G. Barnhart '71
Christopher Barone '86
Marcia Barone '86
Kristiana Barr '16
Kester Barrow '10
Christopher Barry '16
Stacy Bartell '04
Caroline Bartlett '17P
Courtney Bartlett '17P
Brooke Bartletta 94
Andrew Bartynski '10
Abdullah Basheer
William Bast '79
Jana Basubas '12
Grif Bates '15P
Melinda Bates '15P
Natalie Bates '15
Carol Battaglia '15P
Louis Battaglia '15P
Hellmut Bauer '51
Ann Marie Bauman
Ian Beach '17
Elizabeth Beatty '84
David Beausoleil '17P
JoAnn Beausoleil '17P
Cathy Beaver '11P
Thomas Beaver '74
Paul Beck 69
Randal Beck '57
Theresa Beck
Christine Beckelman '15P
John Beckelman '15P
Jacqueline Belon '12
June Benardella
Jean Bender '89
Robert Benedict '53
Ludwig Benfante '69
John Bennett '64
Alexander Berbit '03
Ashley Bergamino '08
John Bergen '85
Andrew Bergstresser '06
Ray Bergstresser '54
Elizabeth Berkman '14P
Paul Berkman '14P
Cary Berman '17P
Pamela Berman '17P
Erin Bernberg '96
Scott Bernberg '93
Robert Bertucci
Ben Berzin '10P
Jane Bevan
Robert Bevan '60
Donna Bishop
John Bishop '77
Richard Bitting '74
Robert Black '02
Jennifer Blankfein '89
Glyn Blanks '15P
Rosemary Blanks '15P
Marla Bloch '16P
Jason Bloking '00
Alex Bloom 15
Jennifer Blum '17
Leslie Bobrek '02
Sharon Bodner '83
William Bodner '83
Michael Bombard '05
Sarah Bombard '06
John Bonan '77
Karl Bongarten '74
Pamela Bonner '17P
Philip Bonner '17P
Brenda Borek
Theodore Borek '83
Michael Borodinsky
David Bougard '14
Amanda Boulton '82
Robert Boulton '14P
Laurie Bourgeois '89
Brian Bowers '12
John Boyer '59
Brendan Boyle '15P
Joseph Boyle '16P
Virginia Boyle '15P
Eddie Brack '13
Wilbur Brader '51
Richard Bradley
Jessica Braiman '07
John Braithwaite '81
David Bramble '68
Veronika Brandhuber '17P
Lance Brantley '17P
Maria Brantley '17P
Fred Braun 63
Andrew Bredholt '05
Peter Brennan '84
Charles Breuer '76
Peter Brewer '83
Eli Brickman '17P
Robin Brickman '17P
Barbara Briden
C. Richard Briden '58
Hope Bridger '16P
Jeffrey Bridger '16P
Meghan Brisson '13
Andrew Brodner '81
Donna Brodner '82
Marc Brookman
Harry Brooks '59
Lee Brooks '82
Meredith Brooks
Michael Brooks '14P
Pamela Brooks '14P
Jeffrey Brown '95
Warren Brown '62
William Brown '61
Stephen Bruhns '87
David Brundage '05P
Jessica Brutsche '05
John Buckley '02
Julia Bunk 88
Thomas Buonocore
Ryan Buoye '14
Daniel Burch '74
Patricia Burch '09P
Paul Burd '12
Christopher Burgess '96
Jeffrey Burroughs '15
Christine Bushick '87
William Buskirk '71
John Butler '85
Susannah Butler '84
Kristen Buttrick '09
Shari Butz 81
Jeffrey Byrne '78
Andrew C. Long 2003
Karen Cairone 1996
Christine Calella
Elizabeth Calhoun 1985
Kelly Callahan 2013
Ryan Campanelli 2004
Eamon Campolettano
Thomas Cangialosi
Matthew Cantner 1997
Caitlyn Cap
J. Caputi 1975
Daniel Caravetta 1969
Colleen Cardella 2006
Marc Cardella 2006
Natalie Cardenas
Maureen Carey
Anthony Carpenito
Sharon Carpenito 1999
Liam Carr
John Carson 1963
Donna Carswell
Eric Carswell
Ian Carswell
Ann Carter
Emil Casciano 1982
Susan Cass 1988
Larry Cassel 1961
Anthony Castellucci
Anthony Castro 2012
Nicole Catino 2013
Megan Caufield 2003
David Chapin 1976
Warren Cherry 1976
Alan Childs
Jeffrey Childs 2004
Kristin Chisesi 1999
Michael Chroscinski 1991
Faris Chugthai
Kathleen Churchill
Stanley Ciemniecki 1975
Erin Cincotta
Jacqueline Cirincione
Rebecca Citrin
Christine Clancey 1995
Jeff Clancey 1994
Jeffrey Clancey 1994
Sherwood Clause 1956
Kyle Clayton 2010
Susan Clayton 1989
Marcia Clow
Roger Clow
Kelly Clyde 2011
Daryl Coffman
Jessica Cohen 2006
Kathryn Colarulli
Edward Cole 1999
Martin Cole
Theresa Cole
David Colgan 1993
Jennifer Collins 2003
John Collins
Richard Collins 1985
Robin Collins
Ryan Collins 2003
Robert Colton 1967
Judith Condit
Dianne Condon 1988
Anna Connelly
Jeannine Connolly 1995
A. Conrad 1972
Grace Conroy
Michael Contarino 1989
Kamani Cook-Christian
Jeremy Cooley 1977
Nanette Cooley
Susan Cooley 1979
Amy Cooper 1990
Kris Cooper 1972
Patricia Cooper
Robert Cooper
Brian Corcoran 1993
Patrick Corcoran
Catrina Cosey 2009
Christopher Cosgrove 2010
Timothy Costa
Arielle Cotroneo
Joseph Cox 1968
Angela Coxe 2003
Carol Ann Coxe
Louis Coxe
John Coyle 1972
Chris Crawford
Emily Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
Allison Crean 1988
Allen Cressman
John Crist 1962
Joseph Crobak 2006
Cory Crosbie-Foote
Emily Crossette
Rochelle Crozier
Christina Cucinotta
Michael Cuffe 1988
Shiliang Cui 2009
Laura Culp 1982
Catherine Curcio
Catherine Curcio 2003
Matthew Curcio 2000
Michael Curcio 1996
Amy Curran
Patrick Curran
Genevieve Curtis
Jill Cutler 1989
Robert Czarnecki 2003


Tony Caciolo 89
Arthur Cader '62
Brendan Caffrey 08
Megan Calhoun '00
Coleen Callahan '15P
Gary Callahan '15P
Kelly Callahan '15
Maureen Camasta '16P
Steven Camasta '16P
Gregory Campisi '17P
Lisa Campisi '91
Jay Canell '89
Neil Canell '89
Sharon Carey
Peter Carlino '98
John Carnes '15P
Lorraine Carnes '15
Edward Carr '57
David Carroll '67
James Carroll '17P
Maureen Carroll '17P
Patrice Carroll '14P
Thomas Carroll '14P
Robert Carter '72
James Carty '90
Lori Caruso '17P
Silvio Caruso '17P
Vincent Caruso '17
John Casey
Meghan Casey '11
Melissa Casey
Jennifer Cassell '17P
Martha Cassell '14P
Matthew Cassell '17P
Albert Celente '16P
Nancy Celente '16P
Courtney Chamberlain '14
Richard Chambers '80
Seetha Chandrasekhara '09
Sharon Chang '17P
Shean-Guang Chang '17P
Clifford Chapman '91
Cynthia Chapman '92
Cheryl Charles '14P
Michael Charles '14P
Lory Chase '17P
Thomas Chaves
Hilary Chavkin '16P
Neil Chavkin '16P
Melanie Checkla '13
Harvey Cheng '70
Allan Cheung '73
Sue Cheung
Ruowen Chi '17
Yeong Wan Cho '17P
Yu Mi Cho '17P
Maureen Choudhury '15P
Partho Choudhury '15P
Socrates Choumbakos '66
Claire Chovanes
Eugene Chovanes '50
Anthony Ciallella
Jennifer Cichon '97
Anthony Cicitta '86
Jacob Civitts '98
Jennifer Civitts '97
Mark Claffee '04
Andrew Clapham '91
Kevin Clayton '84
Lisa Clayton '13P
Jeffery Clement '15P
John Clement '73
Kendall Clement '15
Rebecca Clement '15P
Terry Clopper-Chaves
Charles Close '50
Raymond Coates '59
Laurel Coben '16P
Charles Coe '77
Sharon Coe '88
David Cohen '62
David Cohen '08
Suzanne Cohen '52
Kenneth Colangelo '79
Madeline Colangelo '16P
Elizabeth Cole '17P
Janet Cole '88
Robert Cole '88
Robert Cole '17P
Sarah Cole '17
Frederick Coleman 17
William Collier '69
William Collins '54
Gerald Collyer '56
John Compton '84
Cecelia Connelly-Weida
Allan Conner '62
Margaret Conner
Lee Connor 79
Mike Connor 80
Joan Connors
Richard Connors '78
Brian Conover '16P
Lindsay Consdorf '13
Stephen Contakes '95
Elizabeth Conway
Michael Conway '70
Elizabeth Cooke
James Cooke '53
Claire Cooper '14
Katelyn Cooper
Anthony Corallo
Susan Corallo
Stanley Corbett '55
Anna Corch '16
Ronald Corcoran '04P
F. Scott Corey '90
Richard Corney '54
Kelly Corrigan '17
Michael Cosmos '80
Thomas Coursen '62
Kevin Courtney '17P
Shelley Courtney '17P
Maryelyn Cousins '92
Stephanie Covelle '02
Christine Covington '89
Timothy Covington
Bruce Cowan '61
Harold Coyne '67
Clifford Crandall
Pam Crawford '77
Patricia Crawford '83
William Crawford '84
Christine Croft '95
Jacqueline Cross '08
Julie Crowley '02
Henry Crutchfield '64
Carolyn Cruz '17P
Eric Cruz '17P
Todd Cuddington '92
Katherine Cummins '14
James Cunningham '94
Marla Cushing '89
Robert D' Angelo 1977
Erica D'Agostino
Erica D'Agostino 1995
Gary Dahms 1980
Maura Dailey 2004
Christine Damiano 2002
Mark Damiano 1974
Nicole Damore
Peter D'Arcy
Stacey D'Arcy 1999
Lisa Daughtridge
Thomas Day
David De Leeuw 1967
Jeffrey DeBarba
Leda DeBarba
William DeBarba
Elizabeth DeBlis 1984
Victoria Decker
Kelly Jo Deemer
Julia DeFranco
Vincent DeMarco
Ruth Dennehy 2012
Barry Depew 1979
Robert DePietro
Daniel DeRoner 1971
Karen Detling 1987
Gerard Devlin 1972
James Dicker 1985
Martha Dicker 1984
Sarah DiGiacomo 1992
Thomas DiGiovanni 1996
Jessica Dimmick 2007
Peter Dimmick 2008
Annette Diorio
Madeleine DiSalvo
Ross Dodd 2004
Christopher Donato
Stephanie Donato
Cheryl Ann Doolittle
Stephanie Dorsey-Boatman 2004
George Douglas 1956
John Drabic 1983
Elise Drake 1974
Noah Drauschak
Ryan Dupuis
Fabienne Dure
Kate Durkan
Kathleen Durkan
Marshell Durnin
Merrilee Durrwachter 1991


Amanda Daddona '09
Elizabeth Dahme '79
Brian Dakin '89
Kartikeya Damany '91
Suparna Damany '15P
Electra Damato '99P
Rocco Damato '99P
Donna Dampman '17P
Frank Dampman '17P
Peter Dane '69
Howard Danzig '68
Dale Darkes '63
Kathleen Daube Freund '15P
Robert Davenport '68
Deborah Davidson '89
Allison Davis '11
Anne Davis '11P
Chad Davis
Connie Davis '99P
Connie Davis
Donald Davis '66
James Davis '79
Maria Cristina De Cordoba '14
Lisa de Guzman '17P
McKim de Guzman '17P
Edwin Dean '13P
Melanie Dean '13P
Barbara DeAngelo
David DeAngelo '66
Anne DeCamp
William DeCamp '54
David Decker '64
Gregg Deehan '72
Jessica DeGaetano 04
Frederick Deitz '81
Dean Del Peschio '11
Bert Del Villano '65
Donna DeLitto
Thomas DeLitto '75
Peter DeLuca '79
Andrew Dember '76
Ellen Dember '13P
Robert DeMoyer '66
Patricia DePalma '81
Fedor Derek '15P
Susan Derek '15P
Nirpa Desai 94
Nitin Deshpande '13P
Varsha Deshpande '13P
Jocelyn Deutsch '89
Jeffrey Devlin '07
Max DeZarn 16
Peggyann Diaz '78
Edmond Diclemente '14P
Stefania Diclemente '14P
Jennifer DiClerico '89
Dennis Diehl '70
Adriana Diener-Veinott '56
David DiFrancesco '15
John Diggins '17P
Karen Diggins '17P
Angelo Digiacinto '12P
Lisa Digiacinto '12P
Dylan DiIulio '17
Antonio DiNardo '10
Sean Diver
Eileen Divers '14P
John Divers '14P
Timothy Divers '14
Laurie Dobson '90
Theodore Dolotta '55
Dennis Domchek '64
Mark Donatiello '11P
Nancy Donatiello '11P
Amy Donnelly '16P
Donald Donnelly '16P
Beverly D'Onofrio '17P
Michael D'Onofrio '17P
Laurette Doscher-Benfante
Robin Dougherty
Frank Douglas '66
Lynnet Douglas
Richard Douty '56
Lauren Dow
Hans Dreher '54
Anne Drennan
Timothy Duggan '14P
Edward Dunn '64
Joseph Dunn '49
Robert Dunn '85
Christopher Dunyak '89
Christopher Dunyak '85
John Durkee '62
Stephen Dutton '14
Vincent Dymek '54
Catherine Earley 1988
Michelle Echenique Michel
Thomas Edsall 1986
Mark Edwards 1974
Jacqueline Egan 2009
Melissa Egan
Sean Egger
Alexandra Eglow
Adesewa Egunsola
James Eldridge 1958
Kate Ellis 2008
Bruce Ellisen
Rammy Elrafei
Nicole Elstein 2012
Frank Enea
Marie Enea
Donald Engesser 1951
Philip Eppard 1967
Olivia Erdman
Ronald Eshleman 1959
David Evans
Leigh Ann Evans 1989
Susan Evans
Carol Eve Mann 1983


J. Dixon Earley '63
Peg Earley
Dana Moyles Eberle 94
Alan Eckbreth '64
David Edelstein '06
Asher Edwards '05
Eleanor Edwards '78
Heather Edwards '07
Jennifer Edwards '88
John Edwards '78
Noel Eichhorn '52
Michael Emery '15
Frank Enderle '14P
Maureen Enderle '14P
Jeffrey Engle '82
Peter Engle '85
Jeffrey Entress '15P
Patricia Entress '15P
Travis Epes '16P
Matthew Erbeck '14
David Ernhoffer '07P
Douglas Ernst '86
John Ernst '58
Jane Errera '70
Samuel Errera
Naomi Estrin
Scott Estrin '96
Joan Evans '87
Peter Evans '67
Gary Evonsion '17P
Maria Evonsion '17P
C. Ewing '59
Adetutu Fagbenle
Michael Fahrney 1978
Lansing Fake 1963
Hallie Farber
Adam Faroni 2004
Kenneth Fast 1951
Rocco Fatuova 1988
L'Eunice Faust
Caroline Fay
Mark Fedorov 1991
Dana Ferraris 1994
Jennifer Ferrie 1999
Alexandra Fetter
Anne Fetters 1981
Candace Fields
Matthew Fishbein
Alison Fisher 2001
Margaret Fisher 2011
Alyson Fitzpatrick 2010
Audrey Flack
Adrienne Flanagan 1983
Lisa Flanagan 1981
Thomas Flanagan 1980
Kathryn Flanders 2001
Michael Fletcher
Susan Fletcher
Erin Fly-Mitchell
Kerry Fogarty
Linda Fogarty
Marsha Fogler
Stephen Fogler
Robert Follett 2009
Margaret Ford 1984
Leslie Forman 1968
Glenn Forrest 1977
Wayne Foster 1969
Olli Fosu
Mary Foulk
Amy Frantz
Neil Franzese
David Fraser 1969
William Freeborne
Nancy Freeborne-Brinton 1983
Ron Friedman 1990
Ronald Friedman 1990
Madeline Friese
Laura Fucci
Aliza Furneaux


Ryan Fallon '10
Dante Fantoni '13
Eve Faris '14
William Farmer
Allyson Farquhar-Boyle '16P
Abigail Farrell '14
Patrick Farrell
Scot Farrell '81
Penny Fasching
Glenn Faust '15P
Jeanine Faust '15P
Richard Fehnel '51
Paul Feidelson '89
Gilbert Fein '17P
J. Felice Fein '17P
Patrick Fekula '73
Mark Feldman '87
Paul Fenaroli '78
Hannah Feragen 13
James Fevola '17P
Maggie Fevola '17P
Michael Fidorack
Ruth Fidorack '52
Mary Figlear '70
Sharon Fisch '15P
Karen Fischer '89
Eileen Fischmann
Roberto Fischmann '76
Eric Fishbein '01
Cheryl Fisher '01
Kathleen Fisher '81
Kellie Fisher 88
Trenton Fisher '00
Mark Fishman
Allison Fitzgerald '16P
Michael Fitzgerald '82
Thomas Fitzgerald '16P
Margaret Fitzwilliam 16
C. Flammer '69
Kathy Flammer
Robin Flemming '82
Allison Fletcher '15
Susan Fletcher '17P
James Flinchbaugh '94
Jamie Flinchbaugh 94
James Foley '64
Howard Foltz 77
Patricia Foltz '86P
Richard Foltz '60
John Folwell '61
Joseph Fopeano '69
Robert Ford '89
William Ford '74
Gerald Fornwald '60
Robert Forshay '69
W. Beall Fowler '59
Daniel Franceski '64
John Franchini '92
Gislina Francis
Richard Francis '54
Lawrence Frankel
Eric Frary '89
Tracy Frary '89
Katherine Freda '08
Thomas Freda '82
Brian Freed '90
Rebecca Freedman '06
Scott Freedman '04
James Freund '15P
Bonnie Frey
Bonnie Frey
Richard Frey '70
Alisa Friedman '90
Alita Friedman 87
Gabrielle Friedman '08
Marc Friedman
Amy Frolick '05P
Jill Fry
Lee Fry '64
Jennifer Fuges
Kenneth Fuirst '86
Sue Fuirst
Austin Furst '66
Leslie Furst '91P
August Fusco '16P
Martine Fusco '16P
Caroline Fynan '05
Kelly Gabos 2001
Julianna Gahn
Robert Gahn
Marc Gallagher 1993
Renee Gallo
Madeline Gambino
Anni Gao
Margaret Garcia 2007
Kristin Garganio 2011
Timothy Garrett
Charles Gatt 1985
Alexa Gatti
Eugene Gauss 1957
Thomas Gaylord 1984
Anastasia Gayol Cintron
John Gearhart 1968
Ronald Geesey 1961
Vinay Ghai
Anurag Ghose
Kenneth Gibb 1981
Kim Gibbons 1988
Kimberly Gibbons 1988
Jennifer Gifford 1996
Adam Gill
Joseph Gillings 1963
Jacki Gilmore Van Wagner 1992
Richard Gilpin 1965
James Giudice 1963
Esta Glazer-Semmel 1974
Jayne Glover
Susan Glover
William Glover
Yehou Gnopo
William Godfrey 1977
Carol Goldberg
Steven Goldberg 1975
Jason Goldfarb
Arthur Goldsmith 1971
Barrett Goldsmith 2006
Hannah Goldstein
Robert Goldstein 1980
Andrew Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez
Evan Gooberman 2013
Betsy Goodman 1985
Megan Goodman
Fred Gordon 1969
Richard Gordon 1970
James Gover
Jim Gover
Sandra Gover
Kimberly Gowell
Scott Gowell
Emily Grady
Matthew Grandon 2012
Ellen Gray 1980
Glen Gray 1980
Thomas Gray 1970
Ida Greenberg 1988
Paul Greene 1984
Susan Greene 1992
W. Greene 1991
Jesse Greenfield
Megan Greevy 2001
Robert Gregory 1978
Christina Griffin 1999
W. Thomas Grimm 1961
Paul Griswold 2003
Elizete Groenendaal 1983
Louisa Grossman 1986
Warren Groves 1948
Carol Grube
Sharon Gruet 1981
Emilie Grybos
Daniel Guadalupe
C. Michael Gualtieri 2001
Othman Guennoun
Joseph Guffanti 1964
Peter Gummeson 1980
Asela Gunawardana 1995
Ryan Guthrie 2000


Claudette Gabriel
Ralph Gabriel '75
Richard Gabriel '51
William Gaik '64
Ronald Gailey '72
Michael Galardi '69
Jason Gall
Taryn Gall '99
David Gallaher '56
Maren Gallina '14
Lindsay Gallo '98
Michael Galluppi '87
Cynthia Gant '14P
Kenneth Gant '14P
Jessica Garcia '12
Karen Gardner
Steven Gardner '82
John Gardus '85
Kristina Garett
Peter Garland '16P
Valerie Garland '16P
Alice Gast
Elaine Gebhard 84
K. Kirk Gehman '80
Roman Geletkanycz '78
Jeff Gendel 89
Sally Gendler '14P
Steven Gendler '14P
Karin Genemaras '15P
William Genemaras '15P
Lawrence George '77
M. John Germain '72
Linda Gilbert
Mark Gilbert
Peter Gilbert
Richard Gilbert '54
Laura Gill '84
Maria Giovannelli '89
Diane Glass '11P
Lawrence Glassman '17P
Faith Glazier '87
Barry Glickman '79
Jill Glickman '14P
Eric Glocke '16
Myles Gobeille '03
Cindy Goffredo
Neil Gogno
Monique Golden 13
Laura Goldenberg '07
Ryan Goldenberg '06
Phillip Goldman '84
Joel Goldstein '66
John Golubieski '15P
Linda Golubieski '15P
Mariana Gonzalez-Gilbert '88
Douglas Goodman '86
Johnna Goodridge '16P
Stephen Goodridge '83
Andrew Gordon '70
David Gordon '15
Geoffrey Gordon '77
Joyce Gordon '09P
Neil Gordon '09P
Adam Gottbetter '89
Justin Gottlieb '09
Michael Gottlieb '14P
Robin Gottlieb '14P
John Gottshall '07
Stewart Gouck '85
Manuela Gouveia '17P
Serry Gouveia '17P
Vaughn Gower
Henry Grabowski '62
Virginia Grabowski
Kevin Gramley '16P
Natalie Gramley '16P
Philip Grant '90
Kari Gras '89
John Grason '99
Hugo Gravenhorst '79
Terese Gravenhorst
Laura Gray '06
Richard Green '72
William Green '66
Kimberly Green- Goldsborough '16P
Mary Greenan '05
Joshua Greenberg '13
Amanda Greenblatt '89
Steven Greenblatt '89
Carrie Greene '86
Paul Greene '16P
Marion Greener '70
Joseph Gregori '16P
Susan Gregori '16P
Thomas Gregory '54
Bryant Griffin '67
Dana Griffin '05
Doug Grogan '17P
Emma Grogan '17P
Carl Gropper '68
Joshua Grossman '08
Daniel Grow '83
Laurel Grow '86
William Guglielmo '03
Joseph Gurda '67
Bradford Hafer 1987
Charles Hage 1956
Nikelia Haines
Bruce Haldors
Phyllis Hale
Anson Hall
Diane Hall
Malcolm Hall 1979
Martin Hall 1974
Elizabeth Hallowell 2004
Richard Hammond 1960
Thomas Hampsey
Amos Han
Nora Hand
Cheryl Haney
John Haney
Arthur Hansen 1962
Daniel Hanson
Heidi Hanson 1991
Sharon Hardick
Katherine Hardin 2008
Derrick Hargwood
Lenore Harris
Randy Harrison
Sharon Harrison
Douglas Hart
Jennifer Hart
Walter Hartl 1949
Christopher Hassler 2012
Amanda Hauze 2010
Stephen Haveson 1961
Allison Hawkey 2011
Stephanie Hayes 1994
Meghan Hayward 2010
Joseph Heaney
Kristin Heaney
Kimberly Hein 1990
Thomas Heist 1961
Toussaint Helm
Amy Hendershot 1996
Nicholas Hepp 2013
Kimberly Herget 2005
Kent Herman 1971
Frank Hermann 1959
Gabriel Hernandez
Susan Herschlag
Rebecca Heslin 2012
James Higgins 2008
Paul Highberger 1958
Aaron Hilber 2007
Emily Hilber
Brandy Hills
Mark Hills
Stephen Hiltabidle 1951
David Himmelreich 1976
Laura Himmelreich
Joseph Hindelang
Cadance Hinkle 2007
Richard Hinterleiter 1951
L. Hobaugh 1966
Patrick Hockenberry
Brittany Hoeschele 2009
Greg Hoeschele 2009
Diana Hoffman 1984
Thomas Hogan
Juliana Hoke
Lauren Holck 2011
Pamela Holran 1988
Peter Holran 1987
Donna Hontz
James Hontz 1970
Claire Hoober
Sarah Hoover 2010
Adam Hoppes
Samuel Hordeski
James Hornberger 1970
Stan Horowitz 1993
Sarah Houck 2006
Joseph Houldin 2012
William Houldin
Leslie Howard 1976
Bette Hughes 1986
Lauren Hughes
Timothy Hughes
Ramandeep Hundal
Alexandra Hunsberger
Brian Hurley
Mary Hurley
James Hutnik 1978
Ruth Hutnik
John Hyatt
Matthew Hyde


Joseph Haas '90
Kathy Haas
Stacey Haas
Marvin Hahn '54
Patrick Hahn '06
William Hahn '49
Sara Haimowitz 81
Bob Haines 79
Glenn Halstead '07
Robert Hamilton '92
David Hampshire '14P
Karen Hampshire '14P
Terry Hand '84
Judith Haneman Reid '75
Cathy Hanlon '15P
John Hanlon '15P
Megan Hannan '04
Travis Hannan '02
Bruce Hansen '17P
Jody Hansen '17P
Kevin Happ '94
Kenji Harada 16
John Hardenbergh '11P
David Harlow '65
Dennis Hartman '68
Kenneth Hartman '61
Kathleen Haselton '09
Edward Hauck '82
Harry Hawkes '84
Claire Hawley '15
Donald Hayes '60
William Hayes '07
Frederick Haynes '77
Susan Haytmanek '91
Denis Hazam '63
John Hazard '64
Mary Hazzard '90
Norma Hearns
Tammy Heffron '94
David Heine '74
John Heinrich '15P
Lori Heinrich '15P
David Heintzelman '64
H. Brooks Heller '69
Timothy Hellmann '81
Kenneth Hendrix '55
Daphne Henry '17P
Louis Henston '54
Kenneth Hergenhan '53
Jim Hernjak 96
Anita Herrmann '81
Stephen Herro '83
Lisa Hersh 09G
Deborah Herzog
Nancy Herzog '17P
Ronald Herzog '17P
Theodore Heske '60
Shane Hess '15P
Suzanne Hess '15P
Curtis Heverly '80
Joan Heverly '82
F. Leo Hickey '68
Robert Hickok '74
Meaghan Higgins '10
Lauren Hilker '06
Anthony Hillman '01
Jillian Hillman '04
Christopher Hite '89
Stephanie Hite
Jennifer Hodges '16P
Melanie Hodges '13P
Sam Hodges '16P
Steven Hodges '98
Barbara Hoelscher '71
Jill Hoexter '89
Shari Hoffman '00
Dina Hofmann
Philip Hofmann '84
Natalie Hojnacki '10
Peter Hollingsworth '81
Alexander Holz '03
Lauren Hopkins '07
Roy Hopkins '54
Claire Horn '11
Diane Horowitz
Katherine Horowitz '14P
Richard Horowitz
Eric Hoskinson '04P
Peggy Houghtaling '79
Robert Houghtaling '09P
Raymond Hovey '86
Leslie Howard '88
Mark Howlin '16P
Roberta Howlin '16P
Christopher Hubbard '94
William Hubiak '72
Donald Hubsch '52
Margaret Hubsch
Bryan Hughes '13
Carolyn Hughes 94
George Hughes '69
Jinny Hughes
John Hughes '65
John Hughes '56
Thomas Hughes '58
Daniel Hulkower '83
Jeffrey Hummel '78
Joseph Hunter '04P
Robert Husted '74
Kathleen Hutnik '84
Thomas Hyclak
Edwin Hyde '54
Cynthia Hynes '89
Richard Ill 1965
Beth Illingworth 1984
Ariel Impagliazzo 2013
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Rachel Ingber 2011
Lauren Ingersoll 2010
Michael Ippolito
Amy Isacoff 1985
Hana Isihara


F. Joseph Iannoni '74
David Icenhower '71
George Ikeda '69
Nina Ikeda '08P
Marianne Iltola-Ivers '14P
Edward Iobst '86
Susanne Iobst '86
Zinovy Iosovich '00
Frederick Ivers '14P
Jeffrey Jackson 1964
Winifred Jackson
Peter Jacobs
Raymond Jacobs
Terry Jacobs
Jack Jacobson
Geraldine Jaffe 1978
Richard Jaffe 1978
William Jantzen 1975
Alexander Jarin
Drew Jeffrey
David Jennings
David Jensen 1982
Joanne Jensen
Christopher Johnston 1999
William Johnston 1958
Aubrey Jones
Carli Jones
David Jones
Douglas Jones 1984
Jane Jones 1983
Katelyn Jones
Leslie Jones
Mary Jones
Morton Jones 1967
Richard Jones
Robert Jones
Woodrow Jones 2010


Janelle Jack '17
Richard Jacobs '68
Shannon Jaeger
Nancy Jaffee '16P
Frank Jagisch '94P
Sonu Jain '99
David James '15P
Patricia James '15P
Fred Jamieson 74
Yousef Janajri '11
George Janart '16P
Susan Janart '16P
Keith Janosky '00
Stephen Jareckie '51
Andrew Jaskol '10
Lauren Jenkins '05
Frances Jennings '76
U. Duane Jennings '56
Kevin Jerwann '79
John Johansen '79
Mary Johansen '80
Deborah John '16P
Thomas John '16P
Donald Johnson '66
Kaylynn Johnson '16
Nicole Johnson '16
Valerie Johnson
Denise Johnston '08P
Katherine Johnston '12
Thomas Johnston '74
C. William Jones '60
Catherine Jane Jones
Jennifer Jones '12
William Jones '50
Daphne Jordan '81
John Jordan '50
J. Jorgensen
Mark Jorgensen '62
Matthew Kamine 2007
Laurie Kaplan 1979
Steven Kaplan 1979
Brian Kaplowitz
Leslie Kaplowitz
Briette Karanfilian
Alex Karapetian 2004
Abigail Karp
Andrew Karp
William Karr 2011
Lisa Kassel 1979
Ourania Katsapis 1981
Richard Kauffman 1961
Adam Kaufman 1985
Benjamin Kaufman
Christine Kaufman 1972
Mary Kavanagh
Thomas Keeley 2007
Erin Keen
Elizabeth Keil 2001
Joyce Kelly
Mark Kelly
Matthew Kelly 2009
Eugene Kelsey 1979
Gene Kelsey 1979
Pamela Kerr
Lucille Kesilman
Robert Kesilman
Cheryl Kienzle
Joseph Kiley 1955
Jason Kilgore
Albert Kind 1982
William Kingston 2010
Kaitlin Kinsella
Donald Kintzer 1969
William Kirby Jr. 1959
Thomas Kite 2007
Heyn Kjerulf 1967
Renee Klatt
Victor Klatt
David Klaus 1999
Edward Kleeman
Hannah Klein 2011
Karl Kline 1970
Rudolph Kluiber
Kurt Klunder 1957
Elizabeth Knapp 2010
Jason Knight 1993
S. Knight 1981
Jeffrey Knopping
Donald Knowles 1954
Chris Koch 2008
Kaitlyn Koch
David Koerber
Peter Kohlsaat 1987
Stuart Komrower 1981
Brian Kornfield
Sari Kornfield
Ann Korzun 1980
Ronald Korzun 1980
Noelle Kosarek
Alexandra Kososky 2005
Joseph Kotarra
Scott Kovacs
Peter Koval
Susan Kovar 1988
Karen Kowalenko 1985
Noah Krassin
Kathryn Kreis 2004
Andrew Kristofick
Donna Krivoski
James Krivoski
Joanne Krumel 1979
Hannah Kucine
Nancy Kuenstner 1975
Brittany Kulcsar
Lawrence Kulig 1981
Rebecca Kulik 2005
David Kulsar 1988
Karin Kulsar 1988
Rachel Kutz


Norman Kaelber '55
Charles Kahler '58
Frederick Kalmbach '50
Carey Kane '91
Henry Kane '89
Shingirai Kanyemba '08
Michael Kaplan '15P
George Karkazis '98P
Joseph Karl '17P
Patricia Karl '17P
Leonard Karp '54
Karen Katz
Jill Katzelnick '17P
Mark Katzelnick '17P
Rob Kaufman 68
Edgar Kaup '50
Sean Keck '03
Anna Keegan '16P
Stephen Keegan '16P
Gabriela Keely '06
A. Victor Keen '69
Grace Kelleher
Grace Kelleher
Richard Kellerman '72
Bruce Kelly '03
Jessica Kelly '13P
Joanne Kelly '17P
John Kelly '13P
Joseph Kelly '17P
Maura Kelly '14
Barbara Kendig '15P
Robert Kendig '71
Martin Kenig '10P
Susan Kenig '10P
Mark Kerschner '76
Richard Kidney
Allan Kime '56
Anne Kime
George Kinek '16P
Kathleen Kinek '16P
Michelle King '89
Ronald Kinsey '67
Philip Kinzel '62
Robert Kirchberger '69
Bruce Kisliuk '81
Robert Kiss '79
Sharon Kiss '08P
Sara Kleiner-Goudey 94
Christopher Kleman '16P
Laura Kleman '16P
Paul Klinedinst '55
Katherine Kliphuis '13
Jack Kloeber '77
Peter Klose '73
S. Elaine Klose '74
Christopher Knauer '05
Elinor Knechel '06P
Christopher Knopes '15P
Victoria Knopes '15P
Susan Knox Berzin '10P
Gregory Kobak '92
Krista Kobeski '07
David Kochman '16P
Kurt Koerbel '12
Gary Kohler '63
Jeffrey Kollin '89
Robin Kollin
Donna Komlo '15P
Ann Konopka '16P
Lee Konopka '16P
David Koons '74
Patricia Koons
Laura Koperski '16P
Robert Koperski '16P
Barry Kopit '15P
Lisa Kopit '15P
Alicia Kopp
Kevin Kopp '82
Mary Korber '16P
William Korber '16P
Patricia Kosnik '02
Yevgeny Kostin '11
Mayuresh Kothare
George Kounoupis '84
Robert Kovach '89
Helen Kovacs
James Kovacs '84
Gary Kowalick '04
Barbara Kozemchak '17P
Clifford Kozemchak '17P
John Kramer '61
Kristin Kramer '00
Anne Kratky
Christopher Kratky '82
Diane Kraus '15P
Barbara Kraus Carnes '15P
George Krauss '55
Steven Kreiger '79
Lauren Kreinik '14
Brandon Krick
Kaley Krick
Barry Kroll
Howard Kruse '14P
Jane Kruse '14P
Diane Kuchta-Humphrey '02
MaryBeth Kuenne 06
Edward Kuhner '96
Alan Kurzer '15P
Diane Kurzer '15P
David Kurzman '17P
Michele Kurzman '17P
Edward Kutchma '61
Donald Kutz '59
Hillary Kwiatek
Lukasz Kwiatkowski '06
Timothy Kyper '82
Er-Yu Kyritsis '14P
Nestor Kyritsis '14P
Lauren Lacoff 2011
JoAnn LaConte
Thomas LaConte 1970
Karen Lambert 1993
David Landis 1962
Richard Landis 1943
Edward Landry 1987
Joseph Lane 1973
Caroline Lang 2013
Cynthia Lang
Haley Langton
Heidi Lapides
Mitchell Lapides
Elizabeth Lash 2013
Shanequa Lassiter
Melissa Last
Christopher LaTempa 2010
Ian Law 2006
Richard Law 1952
Martin Lawlor 2005
Patricia Lazio
Rick Lazio
Amanda Leaman
Andrew Leary 1988
Clare Leary 1990
Daniel Leav 1989
Annette Ledder 1987
James Ledder 1987
David Lee
Michael Lee
Susan Lee 1980
Marian Leech
Mark Leeds
Michael Leff
Frank Lehmann 1963
Peter Lehr 1962
Billie Lehr-O'Hern
Paul Leibowitz 1991
Stacey Leibowitz 1992
Connor Lenox
Sheri Leo
William Leonard
John Leone
Julia Leone
Christina Leto
Frank Leto
Jodi Levine
Kenneth Levine
Jeff Levitan
Andrew Levy 2009
Rand Lewis
Lynne LeWitt
Michael LeWitt 1970
Mauricio Leyva 2007
Jiaqi Li 2012
Joan Lichtenwalner 1997
Marvin Lieberman 1955
Caroline Limanek
Emily Lindahl
Richard Linthicum 1966
William Lintner 1977
Jamie Linton 1987
Michael Linton
Cynthia Linville 1980
Edwin Liriano
Jeremy Liu
Charles Lloyd 1987
Jayne Lloyd 1987
June Logan
Michael Logan
Virginia Logan 1981
Kenneth Lomax 1969
Craig Lombardo
Robert Lombino
Mosi London 2010
Annycardeli Lopez
Patricia Lorenz
Andrew Losito
Rachel Loven
Caitlin Lowery 2010
Gerald Loyacona
Patricia Loyacona
Hao Lu
Qin Lu
Eric Luby
Frank Lucia
Patricia Lucia
Janice Luddy 1975
Heidi Ludwick Hanson
Lisa Lumia 1984
James Lundy 1977
Daniel Lupia
Charles Lusch 1957
Thomas Lutz
Cara Lyons 2011


Daniel Labar '02
Gerd LaMar '60
Ainsley Lamberton '07
James Lamp '15P
Judith Lamp '06P
Laurie Lamp '15P
Eugene Lampi '09P
Yomaira Lampi '09P
Jill Landis '88
Martin Landis '70
Patricia Lantzy '81
Annie LaPlante '16P
James LaPlante '16P
Richard Lark '81
N. David Larky '49
Suzanne Larky
Karen LaRochelle '88
Elizabeth Larson '86
Peter Larson '12P
Amanda Lasker '07
Jonathan Lasker '07
Rachel Latinsky '07
Matthew Lawrence '17
William Lawton '82
Regine Le Jouan '17P
Thierry Le Jouan '17P
David Lebowitz '72
Lindsay Lebresco
Ti-Ta Lee '61
Kimberly Leidy '08
William Leighton '65
James Lenhart '49
Frank Lenzo '82
Jason Leo '09
Jessica Leo '09
Philip Leonard '91
Stephen Leonard '16P
Theresa Leonard '16P
Kurt Lesker '05
Laura Lesker '05
Carine Leslie '17
Diane Lester '14P
Jerry Lester '14P
Mark Levine '92
Leslie Levy '80
Mitchell Levy
Ralph Levy '67
Richard Lewandowski '73
Alvin Lewis '54
Elizabeth Lewis
John Lewis '74
Suzanne Lewis '83
Kathryn Lieber '08
Michael Lieberman '75
Molly Lieberman '11P
Natasha Lilani '17
John Lindberg '74
Patricia Lindberg
Wesley Llado '14
John Logan '51
Kimberly Logsdon '89
James Long '60
William Longenecker '11
Frederick Longernecker '10P
Maureen Longernecker '10P
Paul Lonstein '83
Deenah Lopinto '15P
Russ Lopinto '15P
Michael Losch '77
Barbara Loughran '17P
Kevin Loughran '17P
Seth Lovern '97
Vivian Lovern '98
Jeffrey Lowe '68
Anne Lowrie '11P
David Lowrie '81
Daniel Lucci '17P
Silvia Lucci '17P
Kenneth Lundie '53
Diane Luzzi '87
Jennifer Lydon '95
John Lynch '85
David Lyons '64
Timothy Lyster '02
William M Houldin III
David M. Reed 1973
Daniel Ma
Haiwen Ma 1990
Thomas Maatta
Gregory MacDonald
Victoria MacDonald
Cristina Macioch 2012
Denise MacIvor 1981
Bruce Mactas
Lisa Mactas
Mary Madden
Cassidy Madison
Gary Madison
Wendy Madison
Amanda Magadan
Lawrence Magnant 1971
James Maguire
Gerard Mahoney
Joann Mahoney
Hadleigh Maier
Maria Maita
Salvatore Maita
Bonnie Malhotra
Michaela Malloy 2008
Stephen Malloy 2006
Carol Mann 1983
Robert Mannal 1965
Susan Manning-Hughson
Dominique Marcial
Jeffrey Margolies 1974
Richard Markovich 1975
Benjamin Marks
Chelsea Marone 2013
Tommaso Marsella 2006
Kristin Marsh 2003
Matthew Marsh 2003
George Martin 1968
Julie Martin 1987
Brandon Martinez
Gary Martini 1969
Jonathan Maschio
Valerie Massard 1987
Diane Mast
Jill Masterton 2007
Lauren Matturri
Andrew Maurer 2010
Lauren Maurer 2005
Haley Mauriello
Malahat Mazaher
Barbara Mazich
Stephen Mazich
Sally McCraven 1985
Whitney McCullam 2007
Casey McCusker
Brooke McDermott
James McDonald 1976
Marianne McDonald
Sharon McGavick
Frances McGlone
Alexandra McKay
Laura McKeown
Kaitlyn McKittrick
Matthew McKittrick
Douglass McLaughlin 1984
Mary Ellen McLaughlin 1986
Paul McLoughlin
Matthew McMurray
Hannah McNamee
Ryan McVeigh 2013
Neil Meade 1967
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Richard Meer 1963
Stephen Meier
Christine Melgar
Michael Melgar
Victoria Melroy 2009
Sean Menarguez
Angel Mendez 1982
Michael Meshberg
Carolyn Messer
Arlene Messina
Michael Messina
Samantha Meyerson
Stacie Michaels 2002
Michele Michelet 1978
Mark Migliore 1987
Donald Mildrum 1953
Betsy Miller
Charles Miller 1965
Christina Miller 1997
Hollis Miller
Kimberly Miller 2003
Quincy Miller 1997
Rebecca Miller
Victoria Miller
Lara Minahan 1992
Gabrielle Minassian
Calvin Mingione
Christina Mingora 2011
Kari Mirkin 2006
David Mitchell
Matthew Mitterhoff
Dennis Mizack 1980
Berton Model 1964
Rachel Moeller 1988
Taaha Mohamedali 2011
Kahmia Moise
Ryan Monahan
Christine Moore 2008
Daniel Moore 1975
Michael Moralle
John Moran 1974
Rory Morgan
Theodore Morgan
Michael Moroney 1983
Matthew Morris
Hugh Morrison 1960
James Morrison 1990
Jodi Morrison 2000
Gregory Mortman
Mara Mortman 1988
Jaclyn Moses
Robert Moss 1957
Jay Mottola 1972
Lauren Mottola 2009
Patricia Mottola
Paul Mourt 1985
Apratim Mukherjee
Meghan Muldowney 2008
James Mullarkey
Leah Mullarkey
Andrew Mullen 1994
Antonia Mullen 1996
Victoria Mulligan
David Mullins 1971
Brian Murphy
Claire Murphy
Dennis Murphy
Kara Murphy 1992
Margaret Murphy
Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy 2006
Nanci Murphy 1993
Patricia Murphy 1983
Timothy Murphy
Peter Murray 1996
Nathaniel Musters


Colleen MacClay '96
Joe MacClay
Heather MacCready '15P
Kenneth MacCready '15P
Jonathan MacGahan '78
James Mack
Edward MacKay '70
Suzanne MacVicar
William MacVicar '62
Dennis Mahoney '15P
Justin Mahoney '15
Sandra Mahoney '15P
Stormont Mahoney '15
James Maida '85
Lauren Maida 17
William Maier '75
Marie Malasavage '16P
Robert Mallon '93
Peter Maluso '78
Patricia Mamet Hartman
Lauren Manduke 04
Kathryn Mannion '04
Alice Marchand
Herbert Marchand '66
Charles Marino '77
Helen Marino
Jennifer Marino '91
Marjorie Mariotti
Barbara Marks '84
Eric Marks '83
Jennifer Marquardt
Peter Marquardt '82
Toni Marraccini '09
Thomas Marron '89
Constance Marsala '90
Chris Marshall 88
Daniel Marshall '90
Heather Marshall '04
Heather Marshall 04
Jonathan Marshall '04
Deidre Martin '06
Donald Martin '67
Aarati Martino
Paul Martino '95
Roy Martins '61
Vonnie Martins
Richard Massary '90
Jo Anna Matey
Robert Matey
Steph Mathews Smith 04
Kevin Maydick '80
Lindsay Mayrose 14
Jacqueline Mayrosh '99
Nancy Mazziotta '65
Jarred McBride '05
John McCarthy '99P
Kathy McCarthy '99P
John McCartney '81
Amy McCawley
John McCawley '84
Daniel McCoach '08
John McCombs '17P
Robin McCombs '17P
Daniel McCormack '92
LuAnn McCracken Fletcher 83
Cleveland McCray '95
Kirsten McCray '94
Gwen McCuaig '17P
Todd McCuaig '17P
Michael McCullough '15
H. William McCurdy '59
Michela McDermond
Lori McDermott '89
William McGarrity '62
Laura McGarry '07
Michael McGarry '14
Brenda McGlade
John McGlade '76
Patricia McGonigle '56
Mark McGowan '89
Robert McGrory '56
Denise McKay '17P
Randy McKay '17P
Gregory McKenna '14P
Linda McKenna '14P
Taieri McKenzie '07
Daphnee McMaster '16
Jason McMullan '05
Jessica McMullan '05
Kathryn McQueen Barnes '87
Mercedes McSorley '17
Christopher Mears '86
John Meehan '10
Chuck Megivern 74
Gerald Mengel '57
Brian Merritt '99
Nancy Merritt '04
James Messick
Sara Messick
David Metzger '62
Rita Metzger
Christopher Meyer '14P
Donna Meyer '14P
Harold Meyer '53
Robert Meyers '05P
Sue Meyers
Susan Meyers '05P
Emily Miksiewicz '12
Donald Miles '71
Lee Anne Milhiser '90
Marlee Milkis '16
Michael Milkis '16P
Sharon Milkis '16P
Jeffrey Miller '13P
Lois Miller '84
Paul Miller '83
Robert Miller '76
Victoria Miller
Richard Mills '09
Brigitte Mimms '14P
Gaines Mimms '14P
Philippe Mimms '14
George Mirkovich '69
John Missimer '85
Sharon Mistretta
Joseph Mixsell '67
Michel Moffatt 94
Keith Mogerley '17P
Mary Mogerley '17P
Issaka Mohammed '14
Bruce Molnar '13P
Denise Molnar '13P
Jo An Monaco '93
Connor Monaghan '12
Craig Monaghan '80
Mary Louise Monaghan '81
Rand Monaghan '15
Charles Montague '74
Brenda Moon
Monte Moon
Tyler Moon
David Moore '78
Frederick Moore '63
Kristine Moore '09
Martha Moore Wooldridge '85P
Karla Morales
Judith Morgan '16P
Scott Morgan '16P
David Morra '11
Jeffrey Morris '79
Katharine Morris '14
Ronald Morse '55
Neil Moscow '02P
James Moser '15P
Jeanne Moser '15P
Tyler Mosher '15
John Mousseau '12P
Pamela Mousseau '79
James Mulholland '87
Lucy Mulholland
Susan Mulholland 07
Karen Mullane '15P
Keith Mullane '15P
Jennifer Murno
Kimberly Murphy '05
Thomas Murto '39
John Muskett '10
Anna Nagurney
Ladimer Nagurney 1972
Robert Napor 2012
Mara Natale
Julianne Nawoczenski
Peter Neczesny 1986
Charles Nelsen
Christopher Nelsen
Linda Nelsen
David Nelson 2006
Katherine Netinho 2003
Ramona Ngolla
Matt Nguyen
Kenneth Nicastro
Travis Nicholson
Stephanie Nickerson
Erik Niechwiadowicz
Dianne Nolan
Natalie Nollan
Stephen Norman 1976
Alice Novaco
Stanley Novaco 1961
Dennis Nowack 1967


Matthew Nadler '14
Ruth Nadler '14P
Steven Nadler '14P
Robert Naftali '59
Giuseppe Napoli '13P
Lynne Napoli '13P
Karim Nasser '59
Rebecca Naurath '16
Richard Naurath '16P
Thomas Naylor '59
Ronald Nece '51
Sheila Neff
Tom Neff '90
Scott Negley '61
Amy Nehlsen '00
James Nehlsen '00
G. Douglas Nelson '43
Varuni Nelson '81
Doris Newcomb '42
Donald Newhart '77
Julie Newman
Robert Newman '99
Tina Ng '16P
Vincent Ngo '05
He-Jung Nho '17P
Susan Nicastro '15P
Toby Nicastro '15P
Christopher Nice '12P
Terri Nice '12P
Gillian Nicholls '87
Gregory Nichols '87
Alexandra Nicolosi '12
Robert Niederer '56
Janice Nilsen '10P
Tom Nilsen '75
Jenna Nixon '15
Lianne Noddle '16P
David Nodle '16P
Thomas Nolan '75
Ray Novak
Amy Nuzzo '06
Scott Nuzzo '07
Thomas Odjakjian 1976
Tom Odjakjian 1976
Cara O'Donnell 2007
Cherish O'Donnell 2003
Shannon O'Gorman
Laura Oh
Venita O'Hanlon
Janice O'Lear
Susan O'Malley-Sheehan
James Onorevole
Jenna Orlando
Grace Owen 1939
Michael Ozalas 1971


Judith Obetz '79
Barbara O'brien '13P
Gregory O'Brien '66
Michael O'brien '13P
James O'Donnell '77
Jacqueline Ogden '12
Lillian O'Grady '15P
Madeline O'Grady
Thomas O'Grady '15P
Albert Olsen '57
Jonathan Oltman '04
Julia Oltman
Laura O'Reilly '15P
Thomas O'Reilly '15P
Mark Ostapenko '10
Patti Ota '95P
George Ott '77
Jeffrey Ozimek '71
Andrea Ozyck '89
Robert Packett 1972
Rachel Paisner
John Pallotta 1984
Victor Palm
Carren Panico 1988
Stephanie Papatsos 2011
Nripesh Parajuli 2012
Elizabeth Parks
Judy Parr
Pamela Passman 1983
Bruce Pastorini 1975
Tiffany Patafio 2010
James Patterson
George Patton 1953
Reine Pavlik
Stephanie Payne
Doreen Paynton 1952
Jessica Pe
Kimberly Peairs 1988
Joel Peck 1960
Lia Peck
David Pelland
Patsy Pelland
Jerri Pelletier Trumbley
Pascale Pena
Rachel Pena
Catherine Penney
Leonard Pennington 1955
Elizete Perez Groenendaal 1983
Lydia Perham
Philip Perham
Nancy Perrine
Stanley Perrine
Frank Pescatore
Audrey Peterson
Brett Peterson 1981
John Pharo 1984
Julie Phelan 2005
Edwin Phelps 1956
Adam Phillips 1992
Peter Phillips 2013
Catherine Piacente 1969
Julio Piazza
Katherine Piazza 2013
Kimberly Piccone 1990
Ronald Piccone
Anthony Pirruccello-McClellan
Susan Pirruccello-McClellan
Justin Pivec 1998
Derek Pizarro 2004
Melissa Pizarro 2003
Jed Plafker 1992
Andrew Polansky
Maria Polansky
Kyle Polinski Frost
Brandon Pollack
Megan Pollastro
Jeremy Port
Anna Porter
Erica Potter
Hollis Potter
Mary Potter
Matthew Potter 2007
William Potter
Jessica Prati
Christopher Pregler 2012
Vanissa Prempeh
William Prettyman 1971
Susan Prevoznak 1981
Lewis Price 1971
Michael Prisco
John Ptasinski
Monica Ptasinski
Margot Putukian


Elaine Pace '78
Asa Packer's Ghost
Susan Padjen '88
Jay Painter 83
Sarah Palestine
Greg Palmer 04
John Palmer '04
Pedro Pando '16P
Maria Panichelli '03
Michelle Panick '89
Jonathan Panik '97
Meredith Panik '97
Erika Papaccioli '03
Earl Pape '12
Jenna Paradiso '09
Mario Paredes '11
Jessica Parker '17P
Stanley Parker '17P
Lawrence Parks '69
Judith Parr
Emmy Partain '16P
Ryan Particelli 06
Philip Pascal '70
Charles Patrick
Nina Patrick '10
Ann Patten '81P
Lanny Patten '81P
William Patterson '16P
Alan Pearce '63
Lynn Pearce
Anders Pederson '12
Jonathon Pelter
John Penderville '15P
Kirk Pendleton '63
Natalie Pennacchia '99
Stephanie Pervall '85
Mitchell Pfeiffer '17P
Rebecca Pfeiffer '17P
Helen Pflueger '14P
Richard Pflueger '14P
David Phelps '62
Judith Phelps
William Phelps '68
David Philbin '15P
Suzanne Philbin '15P
Cameron Phillips '13
Robert Phillips '90
Jay Picking '53
Antonio Planos '86
Robert Plante
Linda Plodwick '84
Michael Plodwick '83
Emily Poch 16
Tricia Poch
Kathleen Pogue '71
Jill Polanczyk '98
Carol Porter '65
David Potts '83
Barbara Potyka
James Potyka '65
Leonard Poveromo '69
William Powell '17P
Catherine Powell-Clothier '00P
Caroline Power Gangl '85
Cindy Praisner '00
Thomas Praisner '98
H. Victor Pratt '61
Jean Pratt
Anthony Providenti '89
Jane Providenti
Christopher Pulsifer '17P
Claire Pulsifer '17P
Brendan Purcell '16
Michael Purcell '79
David Putelo '17P
Robert Quig 1960
James Quin 1966
Pamela Quin
Kristen Quirk


Rebeka Ramangamihanta
Peter Ramsey 1982
Daniel Ramus 1982
Kay Ramus 1982
Megan Rappolt
Charlotte Rath
Prisca Ratsimbazafy
Bridget Rauch
Michael Raynor 1984
Judith Reach Condit
Jane Redmond 1981
David Reed 1973
David Regnier
Jane Regnier
David Rehrig 1969
David Reif 1968
Megan Reiling
Mary Reilly
Nicolette Reilly
Sydney Reilly
Eric Reiter 1990
M. Reiter 1957
Cody Renfrew
Daniel Ressetar 1951
Deborah Rhebergen 2003
Richard Richards 1972
Jane Rickenbach 1976
Sara Riddle 2008
Andrew Riebe 1985
Danner Riebe 1983
Ted Riegel
Juannell Riley
William Ritchings
Scott Robbins 1989
James Roberts 1968
Mary Robison 1986
Lawrence Rockwell 1951
Karen Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Rosann Rogalski
Stephen Rogalski
Fabian Rogers
Xiomara Rojas-Asqui
Barbara Rolnick
Stephanie Roman
Karl Rookstool 1973
Stephen Root
Susan Root
David Rose 1988
Paul Rosen 1982
Michael Rosenheck
Jill Rosker
Lawrence Ross 1972
Mark Ross
Richard Rost
Jessica Rothstein 2013
Susan Royster 2001
Jacob Rubin
Jill Rubin 1984
Alexandra Rubino
Rachel Rubino
Gabrielle Rudolph
Lara Mary Ruggerio
Darl Rush 1952
Jessica Rutz


Kathy Raber '14P
Mark Raber '14P
Reem Rabi-Waz
Matthew Raborn '13
George Rach '60
Micki Rach
Kathy Racosky '17P
Roger Racosky '17P
Mary Rader
Charles Rahe '59
Joan Rahe
Mohammad Rahman '98
Alexander Ramondelli '17P
Susan Ramondelli '17P
Edward Ramos 89
Alicia Rankin '91
Stuart Rankin '91
Stephanie Rapel '00
Christine Rapp '09
Harold Rasey '17P
Cindy Raspiller '81
Donald Reed '95P
David Reese '72
Daniel Reichenbach '17P
Michelle Reichenbach '17P
Averil Reid '16P
Carolyn Reid '11
Samuel Reid '16P
Thomas Reid '75
Matthew Reilly '89
Collin Reiman 14
Barbara Reinoehl '94P
John Reinoehl '54
Robert Reisman '52
Toby Reisman
Robert Restuccia '66
Abdelhadi Rettoun '14P
Jeanne Rezuke '15P
Nicholas Rezuke '15
William Rezuke '15P
Helen Richardson '77
Shauna Richman '83
Jeffrey Richter '82
Wanda Rinker '84
Maureen Rinkunas 02
Michelle Rittler '02
Stephen Rittler '99
Steve Rittler 99
Haley Robinson '15
Roberto Rodriguez '85
Gwen Roerden-Rettoun '14P
Rosemarie Roessel '13
Sam Rogers 16
Kimberly Rogoff '94
John Rohal '72
Sharon Rohal '76
Troy Romanowski '07
Matthew Romero '03
D'Arcy Roper III 67
Francis Rosch '51
Diane Rose '04P
Howard Rose '04P
T. Andrew Rosen '81
Roger Rosenberger '69
Allan Rosenzweig '15P
Marissa Rosenzweig '15
Arthur Ross '47
Corey Ross '15
Michael Ross '17P
Valerie Ross '17P
Christine Rother '01P
W. Klaus Rother '01P
Adam Rothkrug '11P
Lisa Rothkrug '11P
Jacques Rousseau '90
Dawn Rowe '16P
Steven Rowe '16P
Daniell Rowles '08
Jessica Rubin '08
Michael Rusak '81
Norman Russell '03P
Jodi Ryan '85
Benjamin Rybaltowski '15
David Saalfrank 1960
Cynthia Sabo 1978
Robert Sacchetta
Andrew Sager
Kelly Sakmar 2006
Ryan Sakmar 2004
Debra Salman
Richard Salman 1979
Christopher Samaritano 1995
Joseph Samaritano 1991
Karin Samaritano 1997
Laurie Samet 1979
Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanford 1966
Robert Santoro 1973
Matthew Saporito
Eric Sapperstein 1988
Elise Savattieri
Joseph Savattieri
Amy Scalera
Andrew Scerbo
Elizabeth Schaefer
Peder Schaefer 1972
Dana Schaffer 1985
Matthew Scheps 2012
Sally Scheuermann McCraven 1985
Eileen Schicke
William Schicke
Carol Schiller 1971
Steven Schleien 1985
Michael Schmidlein 2011
Hilary Schmidt
Megan Schmidt
Katherine Schnur 1985
Alex Schoeneberger 2003
Jeffrey Schor 1979
Patricia Schor 1982
Megan Schultz 2012
Melissa Schultz
Donna Schuster 1988
Kathryn Schwacha
George Scott 1965
Marjorie Seely 1980
Richard Seiler
Richard Seiler 1954
Donna Selden 1980
Robert Sell 1984
Susan Sell
Samuel Selzer 1963
Craig Senft
Olivia Sennett
Ronald Sessa
John Shannon 1970
Jill Shapiro 1989
Patricia Sharkey 2009
Stephen Sharp 1970
Edward Shaughnessy
Jason Shavel
Michael Shavel
Shelley Shavel
Timothy Shaw
Timothy Sheehan
Jill Shein
Leon Shein
Kent Sheng
Lauren Sheng
Justin Shepherd 2010
Jaimie Sheppard
Jia Li Shi
Catherine Shiang
Elbert Shiang
Kanako Shibano
Christopher Shields 1992
Jeffrey Shoemaker 2010
Michael Shor 1981
Adie Shore
William Shore
Sylvia Shore-Katz 1982
Robin Shulman 1986
Alyson Shumeyko
Kristin Shute 1996
Belinda Sibanda 2011
Amy Sichel 1975
Sabbir Siddiqui 2013
William Siebert 1968
Neil Siegel 1967
Michael Sila
Lila Silver
Lucas Simpson 2013
Alessandro Sindoni
Kenneth Skillman 1970
Carl Skinner 1981
John Slampyak 1971
Nancy Slayton 1984
David Slick 1978
Brian Sliwinski 2008
Gregory Slonaker 1979
Arthur Smith 1950
Charles Smith 1960
David Smith
Devin Smith
Henley Smith 1951
Jenavieve Smith
Katie Smith 1993
Kevin Smith
Natalie Smith
Vivian Smolke
Patricia Smull
Charles Snyder 1978
Jason Snyder 1994
Pauline Sohn 1982
Andrew Soloway
Sabina Soloway
Kimberly Spang
Patrick Spang
Nyree Spearman
Alan Spen
Jodi Spen
Lindsay Spence
Jarrod Spencer 1996
Cory Spera
Joshua Sperber
Barbara Spina 1982
Daniel Sporn
Sharon Sporn
Zachary Sporn
Kelly Sposato
John Squarcia 1969
Michaela St. Onge 2010
Adrienne Stark 2004
Jeffrey Stark 1963
Cord Stasolla
Alana Staudle
Daniel Staudle
Adam Stauffer
Erin Stauffer
Robert Steckel 1959
Lucas Steele
Tacie Steidel 2006
Connor Steigerwald
Lauren Steinitz 2008
Jakob Steinmetz
John Stephenson 2005
Seth Stern 1983
Jill Stessl
Anne Stevens
Katherine Stevens
Ken Stevens
Douglas Stewart
Robert Stewart 1978
Hannah Stewart-Gambino
Elizabeth Stier
Karla Stingerstein 1997
Lewis Stival 1979
Lois Stival
Gail Stone
Jennifer Stone 2004
Brandon Strickland
Martha Stringer
Robert Stroble 2006
Robert Stroble
John-Frank Stubits 2005
Abigail Studen
Cindy Summers
George Summers
Donald Sutherland 1960
Garrett Sweeney
June Sweetser 1976
Erica Swinton
Karen Szteinberg


Luzmary Sabino '15
Elizabeth Sabo '87
Richard Sage '99P
Jon-Paul Sakson '98
Attila Salamon '60
Lene Samuelsen '15
Tracy Sandford '89
Janice Sandt '05
Ashley Santangelo '16
Jared Santisi '09
Jessica Sardella '08
Stacy Saul '90
Steven Saul '90
Mary Ann Saunders '11
William Saunders '12
Andrea Scanlon '92
Susan Scanlon '15P
Frank Scattene 80
Matilda Schaaf '44
Noel Schachner '64
Janet Schadler
Michael Schaefer '04
Andrew Schaeffer '82
Gail Schargel '81
Kate Schartel '04
Fredrick Schaufeld '81
Tiffany Scheff '08
Brian Scheidle '17P
Susan Scheidle '17P
Brad Scheler '74
Eric Schell '10
Jill Schelling '89
David Scherbarth '16P
Kathleen Polansky Schiffer 94
Donald Schlegel '50
Fred Schlichtmann '52
Paul Schlimme '77
Karen Schmidt '17P
Kathrin Schmidt '17P
Kurt Schmidt '17P
Michael Schmidt '13
Robert Schmidt '17P
Kathryn Schnall '14
Terry Schnee '81
Lee Schneider
Leslie Schneider '85
Marc Schneider '85
Mark Schneider '71
Nancy Schnur '13P
F. Schoeps '64
Elia Schoomer '72
Seth Schran '01
Ferdinand Schubert '09P
Ulrike Schubert '09P
Will Schudder
Joseph Schulter '70
Judith Schulter
Elizabeth Schultz '92
John Schultz '15
Karl Schultz '88
Robert Schuman '64
Benjamin Schwartz '15
Jennifer Schwartz '89
Arthur Schweithelm '65
Ashley Sciora '11
Gino Sciorilli '15P
Linda Sciorilli '15P
Jeffrey Scott '15P
Sandy Scott '15P
F.A. Seamans '14
Adam Selmasska '06
Ashley Selmasska '06
Ellen Selmasska
Matt Selmasska
Lynette Seminara '14
Alexander Senchak '17
Scott Serafin
Warren Serenbetz 74
Sarah Serwo Falk '09
Andrew Sgarlato '13
Robert Shabaker '59
Sally Shabaker
Sean Shappell
Edward Sharp '40
Rachael Sheaffer Salla '02
Stephanie Sheaffer-Trevisan
Derek Sheau '94
Diana Shepherd 10
Jeffrey Sherman '75
Keith Sherman '14
Peter Sherman '13P
Karen Shihadeh Schaufeld '83
Jason Sholder '17P
Linda Shroi
Abby Shulman '81
Roy Shulman '15P
Walter Sieglen '69
Amelia Silva '79
Ricardo Silva
Greg Silverman '05
Barry Silverstein '14P
Heidi Silverstein '14P
Audrey Simmons '79
Richard Simon '86
Margo Singer '17
John Sini '68
Pamela Sini
Heather Sirdashney '94
Annette Skaroff '17P
Anthony Slater '16P
Vickie Slater '16P
James Smalley
Lavinia Smerconish
Michael Smerconish '84
Charles Smith '99P
Christine Smith '99P
Claudia Smith
Douglas Smith '82
Glenn Smith '67
J. Otey Smith '67
Jacque Smith '57
Nicholas Smith '63
Stephanie Matthews Smith 04
Jan Snedeker '95P
Anne Snyder '65
Bob Snyder 96P '97P
Christopher Snyder '64
Deborah Snyder
Diane Snyder
Eric Snyder '89
Lynne Snyder '81
Russell Snyder '81
Leah Socker
Thomas Socker
James Solberg '15P
Rita Solberg '15P
Angela Song '17P
John Song '17P
Stephanie Souza '14
Jaclyn Spedaliere '04
Mark Spedaliere '01
Michael Speziale '91
Dorothy Spinella
Alicia Spitznagel
Pamela Sprayregen-Weissman '91
Richard Sprenkle '60
Donna Stack '14P
Jay Stack '14P
RuthJean Stager '79
John Stanne
Karla Stanne '84
Alison Stebbins-Kowalick '06
Tina Steck '14P
Victoria Steel '01
Joanne Steele '82
Timothy Steele '72
Joan Stein '17P
Gregory Steinmetz '94
John Steitz
Sue Steitz
Sandra Stelling '91
Robert Stepien '15P
Rosemary Stepien '15P
Amy Stern '78
Edmund Sternberg '16P
Jonathan Sternberg '92
Linda Sternberg '16P
Christina Sterrett '09
Lorraine Stever '15P
Lynda Stewart '78
Michelle Stewart '98
Olga Stewart '05
William Stewart '68
Joseph Stockunas '82
Suzanne Stockunas
Michelle Stram '15P
Robert Strickler '64
Robert Struble '72
Deborah Studer-Rauscher '90
James Sturm '80P
Margaret Sturm '70
Stephanie Sukal
Richard Superfine '82
Debra Surdoval '85
Anne Suss
Donald Suss '74
Steven Switaj '86
Maria Takacs 1989
Thomas Takacs
Paul Tallman 1972
Sarah Talmadge
Debra Tambor 1981
Kenneth Tator 1963
Bridget Tavani 2013
Elizabeth Taylor 2006
Carl Thomas
Chris Thomas 1981
Christopher Thomas 1981
Denise Thomas
Lindsay Thomas
Lindsay Thomas 2017
Mary Thomas
Alexis Thompson
Arthur Thompson
Diane Thompson
David Tibbott 1981
Luke Timber
Barbara Timko
Charles Timko
Carter Tindell-Hall
Christiane Tomik 2003
Matthew Tomik 2003
Christina Toms
Amy Toole
Thomas Toole
Aimee Torrisi
Alexandra Torru
Mark Torstenson 1989
Erin Townley
Martin Townley
Carly Trachtman
Laura Tralongo
Tien Tran
Jana Trevino 1992
Melissa Trimble
Elizabeth Troisi
Sally Trout
Jerri Trumbley 2004
Rachael Trupp
John Tully
Michaela Tummings
Dara Tupler 1988
Ami Turner
Brad Turner 1997


Violetta Talandis '89
Benjamin Talbott '97
Heather Talbott '98
Mark Tamaro '90
Lawrence Tamm '12P
Patricia Tamm '12P
Craig Tashjian '85
Amy Tatarsky '16P
Paul Tatarsky '16P
Anthony Temeles '97
Daniel Terrell '89
Leann Terrell '92
Rebecca Terrell '91
Betty Terry
Bruce Terry '15P
Theodore Terry '51
Kimberly Tetley '15P
Richard Tetley '15P
Farah Theard '17P
Morgan Thoma '81
Alissa Thomas '02
Scott Thomas '10
Tara Thomas Lynch 94
Anthony Thompson '92
Caroline Thompson '87
Kimberly Thorstenson '87
Peter Tiburzio '11
Anne Tierney 03
James Tilley '16P
Sarah Tischbein '14
Josh Tolchin '91
Dennis Tompkins '69
Joshua Tonkay '10
Teresa Torres '16P
Brian Torrey
Christine Torrey '97
Dorothy Toth
James Toth '64
Nicholas Toth '12
Tihamer Toth-Fejel '76
Andrew Touchstone '85
Sarah Trapp '15
Patrick Trasborg '10
Raymond Trevisan '80
J. Peter Trexler '50
Jill Triani '94
Elizabeth Trivelis '15P
James Trivelis '15P
James Trollo '12
George Trotman '61
Jane Trotter
William Trotter '67
Frank Trovato 07
Elizabeth Tucker '14P
Thomas Tucker '14P
Mary Beth Tully 84
Braden Turner '61
Casey Turner '13
Janet Turner '83P
Jordan Turner '13
Donald Upson 1968
W. Urban 1992
Wendy Urban 1992
Denise Urbaniak
Francis Urbaniak 1975


Patricia Ulrey '87
Alan Uota
Hannah Ursillo '09
Eric Vacca 2004
Adam Valavanis
Julie Valentine
Beverly Vamvakaris
C. Van Cleef 1985
Jacqueline Van Wagner 1992
Patrick Van Wagner
Christopher VanBlargan
Edward Vanyo 1986
Angeline Vargas
Ramon Vargas
Bobby Vaughn 1993
Rachel Venaglia
Hugo Verdegaal
Sandra Veresink 2002
John Veschi 1983
Stephanie Victor 1988
Nick Villani
Terri Villani
Eric Voit 1987
William Volkmann 2013
Susan Volpicella-Levy 1983
Catherine Voorhees 1982
Joseph Vuotto
Julianna Vuotto
Susan Vuotto


Paul Van De Putte '89
Tracey Van De Putte '90
Robert Van Etten '73
Lauren Van Hoesen '05
Kathleen Van Loan
William Van Loan '82
Donald van Roden '48
Carol Vanderkarr '89
Carolee Vanicek '96
Gail Varady '96P
John Varady '65
Shannon Varcoe '15
Constantine Vasiliadis '68
Nikki Vasiliadis
Gregory Vassallo
Ronald Vaughn '58
Josine Veca '89
David Verbonitz '81
Christopher Vickery '16
Rosario Vignali '13P
Teresa Vignali '13P
Deborah Vincent '11P
Jeffrey Vincent '74
Marie Visicaro '04
Edmund Vogel '88
Katherine Vogel '87
Bonnie Voiles '70
Michelle Vollmuller 17
Jeannine Wagenbach
John Waldie 1998
Patricia Wall 1986
Van Walling 1977
Stephen Wallis 1974
Ethan Wallman
Richard Wallsh 1977
Elizabeth Walter 1989
Eric Walter
Anne Ward 1987
John Ward 1985
John Wardell 1950
Eugene Warnick
Matthew Warrener
Andrew Warshauer
Jeff Warshauer
Jeffrey Warshauer
Luke Wasacz
Grace Watters
Olivia Waxler
George Weaver 1972
Leslie Weaver
Sylvia Weaver 1975
Donald Weber 1953
Kendall Weedling
Katherine Weeks
Austin Weidner 2012
John Weis 1962
Steven Weiser 1977
Susan Weitzman
Sheryl Welsh 1985
Sarah Welsh-Huggins 2012
Tina Werkheiser
Julie Wersebe
Gail Wertheim 1976
Glenn Wertheim 1976
Richard West 1953
Gary Wetzel 1976
Lewis Wetzel 1965
Campbell Weyland
Jeffrey Wheeler
Amanda Whitbred 2011
Casey White
Jennifer White 2004
Joshua White
Kathryn White
Sarah White
Nicole Whitehead 2005
Wynne Whitman 1986
Robin Wiessmann 1975
Emily Wilen
Austin Wiles
Troy Wilkens
Dan Wilkinson
Daniel Wilkinson 2012
E. Willet 1950
Alexandra Willey
Rose Willey
Sharon Willey 1975
Abigail Williams
Eileen Williams 1988
Hayes Williams 1988
Kathleen Williams
Jane Williams Redmond 1981
Donald Wiltshire 1961
Pat Winkler Schor 1982
Mitchell Winter 1979
Rebecca Winter
Anna Wissler
Jacqueline Wogotz
Katharine Wolchik 2005
Christopher Wolfe
Harold Wolfer 1970
H. Woodcock 1950
Conner Woods 2011
David Woods
Rosemary Woods
Eliza Woolford 2012
Kaitlin Worden
Laurna Worden
Stephen Worden
James Wren 1952
James Wright 1975


Bryan Waisnor '94
Charles Walakovits
Laura Walbert '11P
William Walbert '84
Gealy Wallwork '52
Kathleen Walsh '17P
Robin Walsh '88
Steven Walsh '10
Thomas Walsh '17P
Katherine Walters '15
James Walthers '17P
Susan Walthers '17P
Paul Walton '52
Jun Wang '03
Robert Warnke '96
David Warvel '68
Lisa Washburn '88
Mark Washburn '88
Wayland Washington '14
Anne Washychyn
William Washychyn '67
Dean Watanabe '16P
Kathy Watanabe '16P
Nancy Watkins '14P
Todd Watkins
Jennifer Wayman '91
Nils Wayman '91
Roland Waz '03
David Weaver '07P
Rebecca Weaver '07P
David Webb '59
Rita Wedge '16P
Scott Wehler '74
Kelley Weibezahl 17
Jessica Weil '17P
Kris Weiner '92P
Richard Weiner '65
Eden Weinflash '17
Michele Weinstein
Sydney Weinstein '77
Melody Weisman '81
Richard Weisman '00P
Debra Weiss '15P
Harold Weiss '15P
Robert Weisstuch '85
Wendy Welch
William Welch '82
Atwood Welker '59
Betty Welker
John Welty
Leonard West '58
Christopher Westbrook '01
Melissa Westbrook '01
Edward J. White 82
Andrew Whitley '04
David Whitten '47
Susan Whitten '06
James Wieder '75
Susan Wigodner '10
Michelle Wildgen '02
Aaron Wilensky '12
Christine Wilk '16P
Kenneth Wilkinson '14
Edward Williams '17P
John Williams '96
Murray Wilmerding '81
Caitlyn Wilson 17
Mary Ann Wilson
Rena Wilson
Ryan Wilson '97
Catherine Wilt '14P
David Wilt '14P
Rochelle Wiltshire '16P
Jonathan Witt '15
Ross Wittemann '51
Robert Woerheide '59
Scott Wojciechowski '09
Meghan Wolf '02
Sean Wolf '02
Jori Wolfe '17P
Robert Wolfenden
Valerie Wolfenden
Joel Wolff '87
Sharon Wolin '87
Adrienne Wood '17P
Eric Wood '17P
Ilene Wood
Jason Wood '01
Eleanor Workman
Joseph Workman '53
Bettyann Woyewoda '67
Linda Wu '03
John Wuchenich '59
Charles Wuestner '56
Grace Wuestner
Meihe Xu


John Yerger 1956
Andrew Yetter
Patricia Yetter
Phil Yetter
R. Yetter
Judith Yohe 1958
Darlene Yost
John Young 1967
John Young 1974
Roscoe Young
Ingrid Yovo
Robin Yudkovitz 2003


Hongmei Yao '07
R. Douglas Yates '59
Ken Yearwood '13P
Maria Yearwood '13P
Michele Yenser '93
Connie Yoder
Mark Yoder '82
Stephen Young '14P
Rebecca Youssef '15
Steven Zabin 1976
Christopher Zacarias
Lori Zangl
Robert Zangl
Nicholas Zataveski
Lanxin Zhang
Linqing Zhou
Dantong Zhu
Laurie Zuckerman 1976


Douglas Zahn '78
Frederick Zamparelle '08
Francis Zane '03P
Peter Zanger '70
Janine Zargar '17P
Mohsen Zargar '17P
Judy Zavalydriga
Andrew Zdanowicz '17
Jayne Zeamer '16P
Frederick Zellner '68
Bin Zeng '13
Fran Zenzen '83
Frederick Zenzen '12P
Haixiao Zhang '14
Laura Ziegler '15P
Robert Ziegler '15P
Marjorie Zimmerman '81
Paul Zink '77
Frank Zolfo
John Zolfo
Julia Zolfo
Kendra Zuckerman '85
LaVerne Zuk '13
William Zuk

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